Harry and Meghan rejected by BAFTA Tea Party organizers

Harry and Meghan rejected by BAFTA Tea Party organizers

Harry and Meghan rejected by BAFTA Tea Party organizers

The book “Spare” was supposed to be a commercial hit and warm up the image of Prince Harry. While the first goal has been achieved, the second seems out of reach. Meghan Markle’s husband’s autobiography has gained international fame due to the controversy caused by its confessions.

In “Spare”, Harry spared readers details of his life – including things that he probably shouldn’t share. In his book, he nonchalantly mentioned, among others: about his participation in the mission in Afghanistan, boasting about the number of killed opponents. This caused a stir on both sides of the conflict. In the media space there were even voices saying that Harry exposed himself to unnecessary danger.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rejected by Hollywood. They were not invited to the industry event

Some of the stars were unable to attend the BAFTA Tea Party due to illness. Some of the invited guests fell ill with COVID-19 after this year’s Golden Globes gala. However, Harry and Meghan did not come to the party not because of health problems, but because of the lack of an invitation. It turns out that by publishing the book, Harry did himself and his wife a disservice.

The informant of the tabloid “The Sun” reports that the organizers of the event did not want to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle due to the open conflict between them and the royal family. According to the aforementioned informant, the appearance of Harry and Meghan among the Hollywood social cream would be a “PR catastrophe”. Especially since the chairman of BAFTA is William, the prince’s brother.

For them, rolling out the red carpet in front of Harry and his wife would be like setting off an atomic bomb. Nothing of that – explained a source quoted by The Sun.

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Meghan Markle to write her own book?

We recently reported that Meghan is about to write her own book. Her goal would be to show the life of the royals through the eyes of Markle. Prince Harry’s wife has no intention of sparing anyone who has ever stepped on her toes.

[Meghan — red.] he is thinking about talking openly about the time spent surrounded by the royal family – reported an informer of OK magazine.

Would the publication of another controversial book position serve the princely couple? Perhaps in light of the consequences Meghan and Harry face after the publication of “Spare”, Markle will rethink her plan.

Harry and Meghan rejected by BAFTA Tea Party organizers

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Sources: RadioZET.pl/TheSun.co.uk/OKmagazine.com


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