Hansi Flick’s sincere confession. The manager’s wife had a tragedy

After losing to the tournament winners Spain in the semi-finals, I spent a wonderful summer in Ibiza with my family and my best friend, longtime companion Bobby Dekeyser. (…).

One evening, having a sports session together was once again quite fun and Bobby and I were late for dinner with our wives. It did not spoil the good mood, we sat together for a long time, laughed a lot, drank wine and had a good time. I still remember Bobby’s wife, Ann-Kathrin, saying at the end of the evening, “Thank you for having a great time. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

It was the last time I saw Ann-Kathrin. Only a few weeks later, while exercising pilates, it is unknown how she fell into a coma and died a few hours later.

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