Halina Mlynkova praises her son. What does 18-year-old Piotr do?

Halina Mlynkova praises her son.  What does 18-year-old Piotr do?

Halina Mlynkova praises her son. What does 18-year-old Piotr do?

Piotr Nowicki is the elder son of Halina Mlynkova, who came of age at the beginning of this year. According to the singer, the 18-year-old has all the predispositions to take up music, but he has not decided to develop this talent. The young man associates his future with the film industry and is said to have already achieved his first successes in it. “She has a lot of work to do,” the popular mom remarks.

Halina Mlynkova is proud of her older son. What profession did 18-year-old Piotr Nowicki choose?

Halina Mlynkova brings up two sons: 18-year-old Piotr from her marriage to Łukasz Nowicki and one and a half year old Leo from a relationship with Marcin Kindla. The older boy grew up in the Czech Republic, where he attended primary school. After moving to Poland, he started studying at the Film High School at the Warsaw Film School.

He still has a year left until graduation. His passion is internet editing and computer games. He assembles, among others trailers for computer game servers, cooperates with youtubers. In the world of online creators, he is a well-known figure, he has a lot of side work and makes good money – confesses the mother of an 18-year-old in the latest interview for Plejada.pl.

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Halina Mlynkova praises her son.  What does 18-year-old Piotr do?
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Halina Mlynkova believes that her firstborn is musically giftedHowever, she has no intention of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a star of the scene. – He didn’t really want to develop his talent. Sometimes it is like that … He went a little different way and wants to work from the other side of the camera – says the singer.

Halina Mlynkova as the stepmother. How does her son get along with his step-siblings?

Halina Mlynkova is currently associated with Marcin Kindla. The couple devotes most of their time to the newborn Leo, however, they are also involved in raising children from previous marriages. The singer’s beloved has Niko’s 13-year-old sonwho maintains friendly relations with 18-year-old Piotr Nowicki.

– Niko had his heart in his hands from the beginning. It’s fantastic that we all get along so well. He has a great relationship with Piotrek. When I look at them, I’m happy because they act as if they were brothers – evaluates Mlynkov.

In an interview for Plejada.pl, the star confesses that her adult son is patient and understanding – he accepts the popular mother’s choices and thus maintains their valuable relationship.

“I’m very proud of him because he’s a good boy. (…) I’m really happy that (…) Piotrek still wants to spend time with me as well. For me it’s great the singer adds.

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