Hakiel reveals whether the divorce from Cichopek changed the lives of his children

Marcin Hakiel and Katarzyna Cichopek in March 2022 informed about the separation. In their statement, the couple asked for their privacy and that of their two children together to be respected. At the same time, she informed that she would not comment on the cause and circumstances of the separation. The former spouses did it just with the peace of their children in mind.

Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel together again. For the sake of the children

Marcin Hakiel about the new life and passions of children

– The children are with me for a week, and my mother for a week. Actually, too much has not changed for them, they just have two addresses, but all activities look the same – Hakiel tells us and tells us whether the kids, like him and their mother, have artistic tendencies.

– My son went more into football, and recently we have a common passion and we started to practice boxing a bit. Sometimes we put on gloves and we do sparring at home or in the club. The daughter is genetically a bit burdened, she likes virtually all forms of occurrence – Marcin laughs. It turns out that Helena attends theater classes, is learning to play the piano, and may soon start singing in a choir.

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