Haaland beat Lewandowski! What did he do in this situation ?! [WIDEO] UEFA Champions League

Borussia Dortmund did not come to England as the favorite, but led the hosts in the second round of the Champions League until the 80th minute. Only then did the charges of Pep Guardiola come to the fore. And it was specifically … John Stones.

Of all the stars of Manchester City, it was hard to suspect an Englishman of such a hit. Even about the very decision of a similar shot – central defenders very rarely decide on such solutions. Most of them, even the more creative ones, would look for a cross from this position. But the 28-year-old did not take long to think.

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Kevin De Bryune gave him the ball quite unexpectedly, and the stopwatch hit him like a cannon and equalized the score at 1-1. This condition lasted only four minutes. Then Joao Cancelo, who was not reached by any opponent in the yellow jersey for a few seconds, brilliantly threw the ball into the penalty area with the outside of his foot. The ball flew high, but not too high for Haaland.

Until then, the Norwegian had no success in the penalty area. But he managed to reach it, even though Zlatan Ibrahimović would have problems with it. Again in this match – what a goal!

The sniper’s leg went very far and even more high, most of the attackers in the above action would not even reach it with their head. Quite recently, on August 28, it was loud about Robert Lewandowski, who in the match against Real Valladolid also reached a very difficult ball and thus scored his first goal at Camp Nou.

The hit of the Pole can be seen in the video below. And compare them with what his younger rival for the title of the best striker in Europe did in the Champions League.


His eyesight deteriorated day by day. First in one eye. Activities in the hall, a ball hit in the face and MichaÅ‚ Globisz was in the hospital. Later, visibility in the other eye faded. Nevertheless, the deserved youth coach and educator can still be found in the stands of the stadium in Gdynia – he comes to matches and his friends tell him what is happening on the pitch. In “X-ray”, the guardian of gold medalists of the European Championships from years ago talks about learning a new life and setting the head at such an angle that the number of an oncoming trolleybus can be seen at the stop.

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