Guti: Benzema? You can’t leave your team behind

Guti: Benzema? You can’t leave your team behind

– Benzema doesn’t want to miss the World Cup? I do not understand this. Honestly, I don’t get it. Really. I see Messi playing for Paris Saint-Germain. I see Lewandowski playing for Barcelona. Virtually everyone is playing. There is a risk that you will potentially not go to the World Cup, but that’s it, you have to accept it, because you cannot leave your team.

“Sure nobody wants to miss the World Cup, but your team has to come first.” You violate the gameplay with something like that. Don’t those who should play because they only think about the World Cup?

– Benzema has additional motivation because he has been away for a long time? Then why didn’t he tell about it earlier, so that they would buy a second striker … I understand that they are talking about the problem [ze zmęczeniem mięśniowym]but I don’t understand why Real Madrid play so many games without their striker and as we have been saying since the beginning of the season, there is no substitute for him. Especially if we all knew that this was the season with the World Cup and that it could look like that. Not only with Benzema, but with everyone.

– And now we have the fact that I am afraid and I do not want to miss the World Cup, but when I come back from the World Cup, I will be tired, because I was at the World Cup. Then what? Guti finished.

Benzema, after returning in October after muscular injuries and a knee injury against Celtic, played in 6 of 11 games, including one (28 minutes against Celtic) in the last 5 games. Today he did not train with the group again. The club only officially released information about the weakening of the thigh muscle, as two different studies over the week did not reveal any muscle injuries.

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