Gullibility, bitterness and pride. Russian agents in Berlin have fresh information from politicians

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” writes about the methods of operation of the Russian intelligence services. According to the author, “espionage is the main task of the Russian embassy in Berlin” – even after the expulsion of 40 diplomats – and the agents show “special creativity”. Their most popular cover is the cultural attaché.

The first meeting is carefully planned. Before that, the environment of the contact person is examined and their profile is created. Weak points are looked for

– writes Helene Nurbowski.

According to the journalist, agents often use third parties for meetings, who find it easier to enter the politician’s environment. Only then, at the next meeting, does a “friend” appear.

The gullibility of the Germans

As reported by “FAZ”, The German Academy for the Protection of the Constitution (AfV) regularly warns politicians at risk of surveillance. However, despite this, and the war in Ukraine, which should lead to limited trust, in Berlin, the methods of the Russians are still to prove themselves.

According to the journalist, German politicians fall for the likes of because of gullibility, heaviness and … pride. Another weak point may be bitterness, e.g. due to losing the competition.

Agents have mastered the art of giving compliments. “What a wise analysis”, “I can’t believe you are not yet the deputy chairman of the parliamentary caucus.” After such compliments, the information provided is usually intensified.

– informs FAZ


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