GTA 6 with large single-player additions. Rockstar has an interesting plan

Rockstar can positively surprise players who are waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6. The latest installment of the series is to follow an interesting path, because GTA 6 is said to receive add-ons that extend GTA Online at the same time.

Tez2, one of the best informants related to the GTA series, presented the details of GTA 6 development plans he received to the GTA Forums. Rockstar wants to fix his bug with GTA 5 and this time, take care of extensions for fans of single-player gameplay However, the new content will also be used for GTA Online.

“Rockstar will return to its strategy of planning future content before GTA Online becomes a success.” The first wave of “new cities and missions” that we will receive as a DLC will definitely be scheduled ahead of the release of VI. And Rockstar will be able to commit resources to any new title they work on after VI is released. “

The creators are to develop new items that will make their debut in GTA 6 (single-player) and GTA Online, and thanks to new cities we will take part in story missions, but the content will also be used for online heists.

“When it comes to new cities, I think we will get instances of new cities or islands for the most part [w domyśle mniejsze, niezależne lokacje]. For example, in the style of Cayo Perico or North Yankton. This way, Rockstar can introduce new Heists for the next GTA Online mode with each new DLC. If we’re lucky, from time to time we can get a full-fledged new city. “

Rockstar is currently planning smaller locations that will not be the size of a full-fledged city, but these can also be included in the game. Everything probably depends on the success of GTA 6 itself and GTA Online.

As you know, GTA 5 did not receive story missions precisely because of the online success of Grand Theft Auto, but apparently in the case of the new version, we can count on providing appropriate content for all players.

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