GTA 6 – main character confirmed? Alexandra Echavarri is to play Lucia

The IMDB service may have confirmed the July leak. Alexandra Echavarri has a mention of GTA 6 on her profile and the actress is to play Lucia. According to rumors, this is the main character of the story.

In July, I mentioned an interesting situation – Alexandra Echavarri in her CV mentioned working on the Rockstar Games production from Take-Two. The actress quickly removed the mention, but the community began to believe that she could play the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Earlier, Jason Schreier revealed that GTA 6 is the first game in the series with a playable heroine – it will be Latin, and the main plot is inspired by the story of the American criminal pair Bonnie and Clyde.

Now the IMDB service has confirmed (for Twistedvoxel) that Alexandra Echavarri is to appear in GTA 6 and the actress will play Lucia. The name has already appeared in the last leak.

The actress has not starred in big productions so far, but has been in various commercials for years. During her career, she was, among others, a representative of Payless Shoes and promoted the Nissan brand.

The annotation in IMDB is probably not accidental, but of course in such situations we have to wait for the final message from Rockstar. However, it is difficult to say when exactly the game will be presented.

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