Great quality, but emotions like mushroom picking. Sopot’s birthday did not take off

Andrzej Smolik – composer entrusted with preparing the artistic part Birthday of Sopot, on the one hand, it took up the topic, because it was impossible to find fault with the qualitative side, but on the other hand, it did not manage to arouse emotions in the audience at all. And there was plenty to show off here. Unfortunately, it was a very boring birthday. It’s a shame because Forest Opera almost filled to the last place.

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Nosowska, Daria Zawiałow, Kaśka Sochacka, Miuosh, Kev Fox, Song Laboratory, Olaf Deriglasoff, Grzegorz Nawrocki – this set is really impressive. I must admit that a very diverse, but also very good set of performers was gathered in one place. Young and mature. Nationwide stars and Tricity accents. All this on one stage, all in different configurations. All of this had the right to attract crowds. And so it happened. But…

Exactly. When I saw that Andrzej Smolik became the artistic director of the event, I had mixed feelings. I appreciate him very much as a composer and producer, but you should remember that he has never done hit music. It was always subdued, different, often experimental. And exactly this approach was also used in the case of the Sopot Birthday. Pity.

Or maybe not really a pity? Considering this concert only in artistic terms, there is nothing to complain about. Superbly arranged pieces for the band and the Sopot philharmonics, non-obvious duets – Nosowska or Miuosh from Laboratorium Pieśni, Miuosh from Zawiałów again after four years, Miuosh with Nosowska. And a lot of nods to noise playing by Deriglasoff or Kev Fox, whose performance of “London Calling” from The Clash’s repertoire was probably the most birthday moment of the evening.

Only that at birthdays, which are mainly attended by the family – in this case it was the inhabitants of Sopot – a lot of fun is expected, not artistic impressions.. And just as there was no shortage of others, you could almost forget about having fun. Miuosh tried to get the party started – absolutely fantastic – and then Kev Fox. Unfortunately, the whole thing was so apathetic that the audience quickly moved their thoughts elsewhere (most likely to the Poland-Italy match), and over time they simply started to leave Forest Opera.

It was really possible to make a great show here. To reconcile artistry and fun. Smolik, however, decided to do it his own way – it’s great that he was allowed to do it, that he had complete freedom, but he could still ask himself the question: “Would I like my birthday to look like this?”.

The evening started with a speech Jacek Karnowskiwhich told how much it was possible to revitalize Sopot after joining the European Union, and then musicians from PFK from Sopot under the baton of Wojciech Rajski played “Fantasia for Sopot”. A composition written especially for this occasion by Jan AP Kaczmarek – Oscar winner, and – recently – a resident of the resort. A nice, light and pleasant piece – in fact, as if it were a soundtrack to Sopot life, but also … not very emotional.

And so, without these emotions or with a really small dose of them, about three hours have passed at the Forest Opera. Those who came to Sopot’s Birthday to listen to great and varied compositions were certainly not disappointed. But those who were expecting a big party must have felt deeply disappointed.

But also does every birthday have to be as big as eighteen, forty or fifty? Exactly. Sometimes they can be a simple hold, during which you spend time in a different way. This is how Smolik approached this task – I will show you that you can play differently. Not everyone can suit this form, and they have every right to do so. But it must be appreciated that such events are still arising.

The quality on this chilly Sunday evening was on top. And I think that this birthday was the best and most important. But the fact that there was no cheering? Irrelevant. You can dance in a week on the club floor.


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