Great Polish talent fights for health. Helpless doctors

Różnicki, who in 2021 set a personal best and a phenomenal Polish junior record – 1: 44.51, was one of the main candidates for a medal in the August Junior World Championships in Nairobi last season, but he had to withdraw from this start at the last moment. Health problems made him feel pain even while walking. The treatment and the months of treatment brought meager results. In the middle of the year, the runner found himself under the wing of a well-known orthopedist who helped many athletes – Dr. Andrzej Jóźwiak.

– In June, Krzysiek had a second surgery. However, no significant improvement has been seen since then. In any case, he still cannot train. The difference is that now he does not feel pain while walking, but after running, unfortunately, yes – says coach Król.

The Cartusi player was scheduled for another consultation in Warsaw in the coming days. Earlier, he was supposed to do an ultrasound of the diseased foot. Different from now on, he will start studying psychology in Gdańsk and will certainly have much less time to travel around Poland for consultations. From a training point of view, in order to be well prepared for the season, he should start training at full capacity in the next few weeks, but this is not likely to happen yet.

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