Great Britain says goodbye to the queen. “Don’t bring stuffed Paddington and marmalade sandwiches”

Worshipers of British Queen Elizabeth II were asked not to bring flowers wrapped in foil or items that were not compostable, in particular Paddington teddy bears and marmalade sandwiches.

After the death of Elizabeth II, thousands of people went to royal residences, including Buckingham Palace in London, Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle in Scotland, to lay down flowers, cards of sympathy and regret, and various other evidence of attachment to the deceased monarch. Plush toys are especially popular – corgi dogs and Paddington Bear, as well as marmalade sandwiches.

The Paddington Bear and marmalade sandwiches are a reference to a short humorous film that was released during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in early June. On it, Elizabeth II welcomes Paddington Bear in the palace, which at one point he pulled out a marmalade sandwich from his hat, saying that he always has a sandwich with him just in case. The Queen replied that she too – from her purse she took hers.

Royal Parks, a charity that manages and cares for eight London parks, including the adjacent Buckingham Green Park, asked that do not bring items that are not suitable for composting, including plush toys and balloons, do not leave candles outside the designated places, and flowers should only be placed without foil, thanks to which they will last longer.

Flowers and other items in homage to the Queen are carried from the gates of Buckingham Palace to Green Park. The flowers will stay there for at least a week after the funeral, and then they will be used as compost in all eight parks, and the cards will be detached from them and kept as souvenirs.

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