Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter worked in a garden center

The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, 18-year-old Lady Louise Windsor, after graduation exams in June, took a summer job in one of the garden centers, where she probably earned the minimum hourly wage, the Sun newspaper revealed on Friday.

According to the newspaper, Louise Windsor, who is the daughter of the youngest son of the queen, Prince Edward and his wife Sophia, helped with the checkouts, welcomed customers, trimmed plants and planted them in pots.

The Sun writes that since she had no previous work experience, she is unlikely to earn more than the 18-20 year old minimum wage, which is currently £ 6.83 an hour. She also recalls that Louise is 16th in line to the British throne and that her parents live in a £ 30 million mansion in Bagshot Park, Surrey.

Lady Louise WindsorJane Barlow / PA / PAP

“I couldn’t believe it was Lady Louise”

“I knew there was a cost of living crisis, but I didn’t think I’d ever see the queen’s granddaughter working at a garden center,” one customer told The Sun.

I couldn’t believe it was Lady Louise. I had to look twice. She is a really modest and nice young woman who is polite and caring about clients. He seemed to like the job, says another interviewee, adding that he did not think that the queen’s granddaughter would take up such a job.

The Sun reports that Lady Louise worked at a garden center, the location of which was not disclosed, for several weeks until she received her matriculation exams on Thursday. Since she got into the University of St Andrews in Scotlanddo not expect her to return to this job as she will be busy moving now.

British royal familyReuters / PAP

Main photo source: Jane Barlow / PA / PAP

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