Great Britain. Prince Andrew was about to plot that Prince Charles would not sit on the throne

In the latest biography of the Queen Kamila by Angela Levin, the topic of the alleged intrigue against Prince Charles attracted the attention of the British media. Prince Andrzej and Princess Diana, who died in 1997, were to participate in it. The plan was to prevent Charles from sitting on the throne. The younger brother, who was only eighth in the line of succession to the British throne, saw this as an opportunity for himself.

The premiere of the biography unfavorable to Prince Andrzej is scheduled for September 29 this year. However, from September 20, excerpts from the book are published on The Telegraph.

According to The Telegraph, author Angela Levin has been collecting materials for the book since 2015, reaching both friends of the royal family and closest employees.

The alleged intrigue of Prince Andrew

“Prince Charles [obecnie król Karol III – red.] and Prince Andrew rarely got along, except for the short time they were both married, writes Angela Levin, author of the book. From the fragments published so far, it appears that Andrzej was supposed to secretly conspire with princess Diana. The aim of the plot was to omit Charles from the line of succession. Andrzej was supposed to try to ensure that after his death Queen Elizabeth II it was not Charles who sat on the throne, but his son Prince William. According to the author, he used his wife at the time, Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Andrew and Charles IIIPAP / PA

“It was a dark and strange time where paranoia was becoming a reality and it was disturbing. Andrzej lobbied very much, hoping that Karol would not become king after his mother’s death, and that William would put on the crown, ”writes Angela Levin.

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Levin says that, according to the plan, had William not turned 18 by then, Andrew would have become regent. In this way, he would exercise power until his nephew reached the age of majority.

The author of the biography also described how Andrzej was to do everything to prevent Karol and Camilla Parker-Bowles from getting married. According to the information gathered by Angela Levin, the prince tried to set Queen Elizabeth against his brother’s chosen one. He also alleged that she was “untrustworthy”.

“Queen Elizabeth asked several people for advice on the marriage of Charles and Camilla, including Prince Andrew. She had always had a soft spot for him, and he seemed to know how to use it to get what he wanted. This time, as someone close to them told me, his wishes were treacherous, “writes Angela Levin.

Wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-BowlesPAP / PA

“[Książe Andrzej] he was apparently very angry that he could not rule the country in any way. He remained negative about Camilla’s appearance and acceptance for so long that it is doubtful that he would ever be forgiven, “we read in a biography section published by The Telegraph

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Scandals around Prince Andrzej

Thanks to the friendship with the American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged in 2019 with sexual abuse of minors, pimping and trafficking in underage girls, there was an atmosphere of scandal around Prince Andrzej. Two years later, one of the parties to Epstein’s lawsuit Virginia Giuffre accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse.

The prince questioned the truth of these accusations from the very beginning, saying that he did not remember ever meeting Virgina Giuffre and that he was with his daughter on the day when the sexual abuse was to take place. The day before the scheduled hearing, the media announced that the woman had signed a settlement with the prince.

Prince Andrzej during the farewell ceremony of Elizabeth IIPAP / EPA

As a result of the scandal, the prince resigned from all military titles, royal patronage and public functions. During last week’s farewell ceremonies for the deceased Queen Elizabeth II, he was unable to wear a military uniform despite being a veteran Falklands War. Recently, the British media have questioned the legitimacy of his office as counselor of state.

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