Great Britain. King Charles III’s monogram was presented

The model of the emblem to be used by King Charles III was presented. The monogram shows a crown that hovers over the intertwined letters C and R. Inside, the Roman number “III” has been incorporated.

The pattern of the emblem to be used King Charles III, revealed on September 26. The monogram shows a crown that is located above the intertwined letters C – like Charles and R – like Rex (Latin king). Inside the letter R there is the Roman number III. The emblem will soon become commonplace in places where royal symbols are displayed. It will appear on government buildings, traditional police helmets, state documents, and mailboxes installed after the start of Charles III’s reign, among others.

Charles III monogram revealedBuckingham Palace, Victoria Jones – Pool / Getty Images

The new monogram will replace the ERII symbol used by her when she died on September 8, 2022 Queen Elizabeth II. The Scottish version of the monogram features a Scottish crown.

Gradual changes

While many of the changes associated with the appearance of the new royal emblem will be gradual, and in some places you will still see the symbols of Elizabeth II, the monogram of Charles III has already begun to appear on all shipments leaving Buckingham Palace. It will also appear on government papers and popular red letter boxes across the country.

The emblem is the personal property of King Charles III. The project was selected from among several others, which were created thanks to the work of royal experts in heraldry – members of the College of Arms founded in 1484. Earlier, King Charles III had decided that he would sign “Charles R.” on official documents.

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Royal Mail pays tribute to the Queen

The British postal company Royal Mail also announced that four stamps will be put into circulation, which will be issued in memory of the late Elizabeth II. The first King-Approved kit will go public on November 10th. The stamps will feature portraits of the monarch.

The second class stamp will feature a photo taken by Dorothy Wilding in 1952 on the occasion of the upcoming coronation of Elizabeth II.

The first class stamp features a photo taken by Cecil Beaton in 1968.

A portrait taken in November 1984 by Yousuf Karsh appears on a £ 1.85 stamp, and a photo by Tim Graham in 1996, when the Queen attended a banquet at Prague Castle during a visit to Czechiawill appear on the £ 2.55 stamp.

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Main photo source: twitter.com/RoyalFamily

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