Great Britain. King Charles III of Northern Ireland irritated by a leaky quill

Charles III did not hide his frustration with a leaky pen at the signing ceremony in Northern Ireland on Tuesday. The Reuters Agency noted that this is another moment in the last few days in which the British king is clearly irritated.

British King Charles III arrived on Tuesday in Ireland Northern Ireland, where he met with politicians, including republican politicians, he accepted condolences from the Northern Ireland Assembly and took part in a service commemorating Elizabeth II.

On the way to Hillsborough Castle outside Belfast, the royal residence of Northern Ireland, the King and Queen Consort Camilla welcomed crowds. Some of them lined up before dawn.

King Charles was irritated by the leaking feather

At Hillsborough Castle, Charles III received in audience the British Minister for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris, and then the leaders of Northern Irish political parties. Among them was Michelle O’Neill, vice president of the Republican party Sinn Fein, who was appointed head of the Northern Irish government.

When signing the guestbook in front of the cameras at Hillsborough Castle, Charles did not hide his frustration when he first confused the 12th and 13th September dates, and then the ink from the pen he was using spilled on his hand. “Oh god, I hate it,” he said and, standing up, handed the pen to his wife. “Look, it’s spilling everywhere,” Camilla said as Charles was wiping his fingers. – I hate it – Karol replied leaving the room.

King Charles III irritated with a leaky quillReuters

Later, the king and queen consort attended a service at St. Anne in Belfast, during which Elizabeth II was remembered. The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, also took part in it.

The Reuters agency pointed out that on Saturday, during the signing of documents in London, an annoyed Karol gestured suggestively for one of the helpers to take a pens cover from the table.

Main photo source: Reuters

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