Great Britain kept its promise. Another M270 MLRS went to Ukraine

Ukraine’s Minister of Defense, Oleksiy Reznikov, announced that the United Kingdom has fulfilled its recently made promise. Thus, the Ukrainian army has acquired more M270 multiple-start missile systems.

Great Britain announced deliveries in June three M270 MLRS kits. Now, according to the Militarnyj service, they have been joined by more copies along with a significant supply of GMLRS missiles with a range of approx. 80 km. The armament equipped with modern high-precision missiles will strengthen the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the war with Russia. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov informed about the successful delivery.

“Great Britain has promised, Great Britain has delivered!” – wrote Reznikov, thanking his British counterpart Ben Wallace and all the British. “Your support is amazing and so important for Ukraine. Our army will skillfully use this” supplement “on the battlefield” – he stressed.

M270 MLRS systems

The MLRS is a highly mobile automatic system that fires 227mm ground-to-ground missiles from an M270 launcher. The types of ammunition that can be fired from M270 systems include 12 GMLRS or extended-range missiles, four PrSM precision impact missiles, or two ATACMS military ballistic missiles.

M270 MLRS systems are based on the tracked chassis of the M987 transporter and powered by a 373 kW diesel engine. They can fight targets tens or hundreds of kilometers away, depending on the missiles used. M270 MLRS systems are widely used among European members FOR THIS.

Further deliveries to Ukraine

Reznikov added that soon to Ukraine more “gifts” will arrive. The minister did not disclose the exact number of M270 MLRS that had been surrendered. Earlier, however, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the UK would send three additional MLRS to Ukraine, along with a significant number of missiles. According to him, this precision weapon is already helping Ukraine in destroying Russian logistics of ammunition deliveries and command centers.

He also mentioned that Great Britain is “extremely pleased” with the way Ukraine is using rocket launchers that have already been delivered by the West. According to him, the Ukrainian forces have shown that they are very good at determining which objects to target so that they do not run out of ammunition quickly. Wallace noted that this was part of Ukraine’s transition from using old Soviet-era weapons to more modern NATO weapons.

Konrad Siwik, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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