Great Britain. Keanu Reeves showed up at the wedding

The bride and groom could not even expect such an attraction at a wedding in a country hotel in Northamptonshire. Keanu Reeves appeared at the ceremony. The star of “The Matrix” or “John Wick” greeted the young couple, greeted the young couple and took a few photos.

This unusual situation occurred at the Fawsley Hall Hotel. James and Nikki Roadnight had their wedding party there last weekend. Luckily, the hotel guest was also one of the great Hollywood stars. The groom discovered it at one point. “My husband noticed him around the bar, came over and told him that he just got married. He invited Keanu to come say hello to us and have a drink with us if he wanted to,” the bride Nikki Roadnight tells Newsweek. “He was very nice and said he would come by later. We didn’t know if he would really do it, but the fact that my husband talked to him was fun,” she added.

Keanu Reeves as the “special guest” at the wedding

Meanwhile, as reported by “Newsweek”, an hour later a hotel employee approached the bride, informing that a “special guest” was waiting outside, who wanted to talk to her. Keanu Reeves greeted her as she left the room. “It was all really exciting. I left, said hello, introduced him and offered him a drink. He replied that he had a long flight behind him and he couldn’t stay long, but he was kind enough to congratulate us on our wedding” – said Nikki Roadnight.

The actor also posed with the couple for several commemorative photos taken by the wedding photographer. “He also took time to say a few words to our guests and take some photos of them.”

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As she added, she, the groom and the guests were a bit stunned by this visit. “My mom Jo was taking a picture, shouting to everyone to say ‘Speed’ (instead of ‘cheese’ – Ed.). We all laughed because it’s one of his older movies. We’re big fans of him. I love The Matrix, but I’m also a big fan of John Wick movies. It was so cool “- quotes the bride” Newsweek “. “The wedding was absolutely perfect and we had a really magical day. And Keanu Reeves who came by to say hi was just out of this world. It’s something we’ll remember. And a great start to our next (in marriage) adventure,” she concludes.

The Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa is a luxury country mansion in Northamptonshire, approximately 130 kilometers from London. “Steeped in tradition and history” – as it advertises itself – is surrounded by gardens and parks designed in the 1860s. It hosted crowned heads, incl. Elżbieta I. According to popular booking websites, an overnight stay in a hotel costs about PLN 1,500.

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