Great bad luck for Piotr Kupicha. What about his performance in Sopot? PICTURES

In July 2022, the artist informed on his social media that, unfortunately, he contracted a serious injury and was hospitalized.

For many questions, why do I need these “bullets”? I’m not a football Achilles, so the tendon is torn. The patient will live. Regards, see you at the concerts

– Kupicha wrote on social media some time ago.

As the musician admitted with a great deal of self-irony, he contracted the injury through pride. “I thought that I was Robert Lewandowski, but I still miss it a bit,” he joked. But when I sent the doctor pictures of my leg, he immediately told me to come for surgery. I went to the hospital and we settled the matter once or twice – he said in an interview for Pleiades.

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