Gotham Knights in dynamic gameplay. Gameplay shows Red Hood’s capabilities

WB Games Montréal continually encourages the adventures of the four defenders of Gotham. The latest material shows Red Hood in action and many players will be interested in the possibilities of this character in Gotham Knights.

Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl and Nightwing are the main characters of Gotham Knights – each of the characters has their own skills, blows and approaches the mission differently, and the developers will allow us to influence the possibilities of heroes through different outfits and the development of the protagonists. It is for this reason that today we can see how Jason Todd presents his possibilities.

The creators presented two different builds – each of the heroes has their own trees full of abilities and players will be able to influence the character’s movements. In Gotham Knights, warriors will be plastic in their own way, so depending on the decisions made, for example, Red Hood may specialize in ranged combat or willingly engage in direct combat.

Geoff Ellenor, the production director, confirms that in Gotham Knights we will easily invite a friend to the game and players will run around the map together as two Robins or two Batgirls.

Gotham Knights will hit the market in 70 days, but it’s worth remembering that the adventure will only be available on PS5, XSX | S and PC, as the developers have abandoned the development of the game for PS4 and XOne.

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