Got a Samsung smartphone? Be sure to install this app. Good Lock finally in Poland!

Got a Samsung smartphone?  Be sure to install this app.  Good Lock finally in Poland!

Got a Samsung smartphone? Be sure to install this app. Good Lock finally in Poland!

Polish users of Samsung smartphones have been waiting for this day for 6 years. You can finally download the brilliant Good Lock application on your smartphones.

“There are people who have never used it, but no one has used it only once” – this is what its creators say about the Good Lock application. They add that “once you try it, you can’t switch to iPhone.”

However, although Samsung’s application for personalizing the appearance and behavior of the smartphone debuted in 2016, it was initially available only in 15 countries around the world. Over time, the list was gradually expanded, but we had to wait until December 2022 for the debut in Poland.

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What can Good Lock do? This app transforms Samsung smartphones

Samsung treats the Good Lock app as a testing ground for new features. For example, the flagship novelty in the latest overlay One UI 5 it is possible to modify the lock screen. Koreans admit that this function has been added because it was previously successful as a module for the Good Lock application.

That’s right – modules. Good Lock is really just a hub from which smaller apps responsible for modifying individual interface elements are installed. Using separate modules, you can rebuild the notification panel, change the appearance and placement of the volume sliders, add a 3D effect to the wallpaper, adjust the behavior of system gestures and much, much more.

Below is a short description of the modules available at the time of writing this text (new ones are added from time to time).

  • theme park – a module responsible for creating graphic themes and modifying the appearance of the notification panel.
  • Wonderland – a module that allows you to use wallpapers with a 3D effect and add depth to your own images;
  • LockStar – an application that allows you to change the appearance and arrangement of all elements visible on the lock screen;
  • pentastic – an app designed for users of smartphones with styluses. With it, you can change the appearance and behavior of the interface that appears after removing the S Pen from the housing.
  • KeysCafe – an advanced program for modifying the system keyboard. From its height and width, through the ability to add and remove individual keys, to generating your own stickers.
  • NavStar – a module that allows you to customize the system navigation bar and drag gestures to your liking.
  • HomeUp – a tool used to modify the home screen, including the size of the grid or the appearance of folders.
  • ClockFace – additional clock styles that can be applied to the lock screen or Always On Display;
  • QuickStar – a program with which you can disable or add icons displayed on status bars.
  • EdgeTouch – a module that allows you to mark a fragment of the screen edge that will not respond to touch. Especially useful on smartphones with curved screens that can react to accidental clicks.
  • NiceCatch – a program used to detect troublesome applications that cause unwanted vibrations, notifications or sound alerts.
  • One Hand Operation + – a great application that allows you to activate on-screen gestures that make it easier to use the phone with one hand. For me, One Hand Operation + is the absolute best module, which I wrote about in a separate text.
  • Camera Assistant – a module that allows you to turn on and off algorithms and functions responsible for improving the quality of photos, such as HDR, anti-aliasing or automatic lens change.
  • SoundAssistant – the app allows you to change the appearance of the volume control panel, the minimum volume level or the volume level jump after each key click on the housing.
  • NiceShot – a program that allows you to decide what happens after execution screenshot. It is possible to disable saving all taken screenshots to the clipboard.
  • NotiStar – a module that saves the history of all received notifications with the ability to search for them by keywords. A very useful thing.
  • Routines+ – a more extensive version of the system’s Routines, which allow you to automate various activities.
  • MultiStar – an application that allows you to change the way you activate the split screen mode and display programs in smaller windows.
  • RegiStar – a module that allows you to rebuild the appearance and behavior of the settings screen in your own way, as well as activate selected functions with a triple tap on the back of the phone.

Good Lock is an application that I can recommend to literally every user of Samsung smartphones. If you are annoyed by the size of the clock on the lock screen, the placement of the volume sliders, or other such details, it is very likely that you will find a module that solves the problem.

Good Lock can be installed on smartphones with the One UI interface. You will find it in the store Galaxy store.

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