Gortat is pinning the relationship. “They were not prepared for it”

Rafał Tymiński: Why was your activity during the European Championships so little? “Basketball players are playing better and better, and Marcin Gortat is silent” – even such an observation was shared on social media by basketball fans.

Marcin Gortat: This silence is a bit of an exaggeration, because I just chose not to abuse Twitter. We had the e-Winner studio, where we discussed the events of the European Championships, so I really limited myself a bit with the entries. There is one thing I have to mention here, though – I’m in the United States right now and a couple of matches took place in the morning of my time. And the match with Ukraine was played even at such a time that I was still asleep. I watched them from a play, so I couldn’t even comment on anything on the fly. In general, however, I have found many times that much of what I am going to write is taken out of context. I simply did not want my entries to become a reason to make any unnecessary confusion, to look for sensation. It was not necessary for me or this team, where some of my teammates still play.

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