Gortat assessed Poles on the EuroBasket. He referred to the possible engagement of Ponitka in the NBA. “He took a big step”

The Polish national team achieved great success during this year’s EuroBasket, reaching the top four of the tournament. In an interview with “Onet”, the tournament was judged by Marcin Gortat.

The former basketball player of several NBA clubs, who for many years was a key link in the national team, admitted that he did not expect such success at this year’s tournament. He believes that the entire team and staff did a great job.

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The team wrote a beautiful story, because no one assumed that Poland could be among the top four EuroBasket teams. It’s a beautiful thing. We did not expect the national team to be so successful, because the fans had to worry about losing to Estonia or watching a match with Austria until recently. – assessed Gortat.

However, in recent days they had the opportunity to experience matches such as the one against Slovenia. Just a great job done in the European Championship. And it is appropriate to look at the game of individual players, the game of the entire team and the work of the entire training staff – he stressed.

In an interview with “Onet”, Gortat was asked whether, in his opinion, Mateusz Ponitka and Aleksander Balcerowski should go to the NBA. Both were key representatives of the representation at EuroBasket.

They both played the tournament at a level that deserves attention and this is probably how they made another big step in their careers, bringing them closer to achieving their goals. I am not the general manager or club owner, but only a former NBA player. It is up to the heads of the clubs of the best basketball league in the world to decide on the involvement of a player. Both Mateusz and Aleksander write their history and I wish them to constantly raise their level – He said.

With Mateusz, we differ in many ways, we certainly have different priorities and each of us has chosen a different path in life. However, I have no problem recognizing his very high basketball class. He is the leader of our national team, he played a phenomenal match with Slovenia, he was able to be a leader in a great way. And nothing will take it from him, but does it mean that I cannot say that Mateusz did not play at the same level throughout the tournament? – finished.

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