Germany will repair Nord Stream 1? “After the war, we should use gas from Russia again”

Germany will repair Nord Stream 1? “After the war, we should use gas from Russia again”

Head of the parliamentary co-ruling group in Germany the Social Democratic SPD party Rolf Muetzenich urged the head of the foreign ministry to do more to find a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. In an interview with TV, ZDF Muetzenich referred to public opinion polls, according to which 60 percent. The Germans wanted more diplomatic initiatives, and pointed out it Baerbock “he is currently the highest-ranking diplomat in Germany.”

Back to business with Russia

Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer from the Christian Democratic CDU is also in favor of increasing diplomatic efforts. To end the war Germany should join other countries in trying to negotiate a solution, he told Bild am Sonntag. A joint diplomatic effort is now needed from the EU, US, China, India and Japan. This war must be stopped – added.

Kretschmer also opted for a possible one resumption of deliveries gas from Russia after the end of the war. We need long-term contracts for the supply of liquefied gas from the US, Qatar and other Arab countries. In addition, we must finally develop our own natural gas in the North Sea. And when the war is over, we should also use gas from Russia again – persuaded the Christian Democrat.

Nord Stream 1 repair

Asked if he expected the damaged gas pipeline to be repaired Nord Stream 1stated: We will need gas from the pipelines, and this is only possible if the pipelines are operational.

Dietmar Bartschthe leader of the parliamentary faction of the Left, also expressed openness to re-accepting by Germany gas supplies from Russia. Bartsch told the newspapers of the Funke media group: Of course, it will be time after Putin, and then talks about gas supplies from Russia may also become possible again.

From Berlin, Berenika Lemańczyk

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