Germany will nationalize Gazprom Germania

“Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) is already under federal tutelage, and now it will become state-owned. The company, based in Berlin, is a daughter company of the Russian state-owned Gazprom,” recalls “Spiegel”.

Until 2022, SEFE, as Gazprom Germania, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest gas company – Russian Gazprom.

A spokeswoman for the economy minister, Robert Habeck, confirmed on Thursday that talks about the future of SEFE are underway in the federal government, but declined to provide further details on this.

In April, the government in Berlin established a temporary management board in Gazprom Germania, and supervision of the company was taken over by the Federal Network Agency. Minister Robert Habeck justified these steps with “unclear legal relations and breach of reporting regulations” in Gazprom Germania, as well as the need to ensure the security of gas supplies.

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