Germany. Scientists have detected live fish in the Odra River

The information about fish swimming in the Oder was provided by the Brandenburg / Berlin Fisheries Association. Also, crayfish and mussels returned to the Oder and seem healthy – reports rbb24. Anglers talk of good news that gives hope.

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However, the damage is very high, taking into account the mass of dead fish – said Andreas Koppetzki, the head of the state’s Fishing Association. – Nevertheless, today’s results speak for a fairly rapid recovery of this fragile ecosystem – added.

According to information provided on Friday, August 19 by Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskva, rare golden algae may have contributed to the pollution of the Odra River. – Many hours of analyzes using our own observations, as well as the results of these studies, which were carried out with the use of microscopes, gave us the first results. (…) indicate the presence of a golden algae microorganism – Moscow said at a press conference in Gryfino.

Moscow announced that an analysis will also be carried out on the removal of this species of algae and the prevention of its appearance in Polish rivers in the future. – All the activities that we can do to effectively manage the Oder and other rivers in Poland. But to do this, we need knowledge. Hence, the next few days will be an extraordinary time of scientists’ work, recommendations and recommendations, for which we are waiting to be able to take the next steps and actions – she explained.

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