Germans’ fears before the World Cup in Qatar. It’s about Bayern Munich and the crisis

The coach of the German national team has to start a practice rehearsal for the World Cup with Bayern’s slightly overwhelmed players. And this is not an ideal starting position two months before the World Cup. However, compared to his Munich successor, Hansi Flick has one important feature that can be helpful in a crisis.

So curry sausages. Someone once said that sausage won’t solve your problems, but a healthy apple won’t help either. But the players of the German national team gladly shared their sausages. Finally, some variety. First, the first training before the World Cup dress-up, which is the League of Nations matches, and then a snack for the team’s associates. It was hardly possible to inaugurate the work of the new training center in Frankfurt in a more German way than with a bonfire around which everyone gathered and ate.

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