German star crushed! “They are two steps ahead of us”

German star crushed! “They are two steps ahead of us”

Proteges Stefan Horngacher they started the 2022/23 season with great hopes. Although it is supposed to be the most important event for them Four Hills Tournamentgood opening of the struggle in The World Cup it would be, in addition to confirming that a good summer has been done, a powerful injection of confidence.

Why are ski jumping tickets so expensive? Adam Małysz answers. VIDEO/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

German star stunned! “It should be different”

The attitude of our western neighbors in Wisła was commented on in his column for “” by himself Geiger, the second player of the previous season of the World Cup. – With one or two exceptions, we did not live up to our expectations, although preparations and recent trials showed that it should be different – he wrote. Although he could not indicate what exactly was the cause of the weaker attitude, he later stated that Germany must stand out in terms of hardware.

– There is always a reshuffle when you change the rules. There is no difference between jumps and Formula 1 – we read. – Now the hard work begins after we experienced after the first international test that other nations are two steps ahead of us now – he stressed.

Time may play in favor of the Germans. The next World Cup competitions will take less than three weeks – at the end of November, in Kuusamo.

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