Gerard Pique’s new partner dancing to Shakira’s song?

Shakira and Gerard Pique for many years they were considered the perfect couple. At the beginning of June, however, the media circulated information about their separation, which the interested parties themselves confirmed a moment later. Only a few months after this information, the footballer began showing up in the company of a new woman, Clara Chia Marti. Now the Internet has circulated a video in which a woman is dancing in front of the mirror to Shakira’s hit “Te Felicito”

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Gerard Pique’s new partner dances to Shakira’s song

It quickly became apparent that the movie was not real. While Clara Chia Marti actually danced in front of a mirror and shared the movie on the web, someone downloaded it and put Shakira’s music on. However, the singer’s fans reacted even faster and a wave of hate poured out in the comments under the video.

The film has been made available to over 60 thousand. times and despite the fact that it has already officially disappeared from the web, you can still find it without any problems.

Gerard Pique’s fans are furious with him. The media reports that the footballer and the singer agreed that for the sake of their children, they would not show up with new partners for a year. As you can see, Pique did not stick to the terms of the contract, because not only does she regularly get photographed with Clara Chia Marti, but also took her to a friend’s wedding. There were also voices claiming that the woman was pregnant.

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