Gerard Pique takes revenge on Shakira for obstructing contact with children

Gerard Pique and Shakira split up after almost 12 years of living together. However, the lovers cannot get along about the children. Now one of the portals reports that the footballer has prepared a cruel revenge for obstructing contact with his sons.

Gerard Pique and Shakira they have long been one of the most beautiful couples in show business. They met many years ago while recording the song’s music video Waka Waka. It quickly turned out that they were on the same wavelength. At the very beginning, they kept their relationship away from the glare of flashes, but over time they began to brag about their affection, and the footballer even starred in one of his beloved’s music videos. They had two sons, but never decided to get married. The artist, who was a decade older than her partner, emphasized that they did not need formalities.

Unfortunately, as a bolt from the blue, information appeared that the couple broke up. The singer was to learn about the betrayal of her beloved shortly after she returned from the Cannes Festival. Spanish tabloids wrote about how he had a great time at the club alongside a young student.

This is a younger girl in her twenties. She studies and works as a hostess. Her appearance in Gerard’s life has led to Shakira and Pique being separated now, reported El Periodico.

Gerard Pique injures Shakira after they break up. What does he do?

The interest themselves remained silent for some time about the breakup of the relationship. Only Shakira decided to issue a statement to the media in which she announced that they were no longer together.

We regret to confirm that we are breaking up. In the interests of the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask you to respect privacy. Thank you for your understanding reads a statement issued by Shakira’s communications agency with permission from Gerard Pique.

Now between ex-partners there is a fierce fight for sons. The boys still live with their mother, who doesn’t think of staying with them in Barcelona. The star would like to move with Milan and Sasha to Miami, which the FC Barcelona player does not agree to. There is a spark between the singer and the athlete, and he does not seem to be doing anything about his ex-partner’s feelings. He walks with the new girl right in front of the star’s house, as reported by the portal MAG.

Gerard Pique walks in the afternoons with his new girlfriend to his parents’ house, which is next to Shakira’s house. She is devastated. The footballer does not mind that the singer can see them together – we read.

The portal also claims that the footballer is taking revenge on the mother of his sons for wanting to make it difficult for him to contact Sasha and Milan, and that he scrupulously carries out his plan.

Pique and Shakira’s relationship is at its worst. Right now, Pique wants revenge on Shakira. And he carries out this revenge.

Speculation about the breakup of the two continues, and fans still find it hard to believe how their relationship ended.

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