Gas prices have broken the ceiling. The Germans and the French will pay 10 times more for electricity

  • In Germany and France, electricity prices for the year delivered rose on Thursday at double-digit pace. These are the prices that determine the costs of entrepreneurs
  • This is a consequence of the lack of gas from Russia. For September contracts for megawatt-hour gas in Europe you have to pay over 300 euros
  • In France and Germany, gas is responsible for one-seventh of the electricity produced. It is not much better in Poland
  • However, Polish electricity prices are half that of French and German prices. The reason may be its own gas deposits
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

You already have to pay for a megawatt hour of electricity in Germany with delivery for next year EUR 725, or 13 percent. more compared to wednesday – reports Bloomberg. Analogous the increase in prices in France was 12 percent. up to 880 euros and that’s about ten times more than a year ago. Companies will buy energy at these prices to a large extent next year, which will translate into the offered prices of their products and services, and thus also inflation.

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