Gas power plants have also turned their capacity down. Expensive gas and drought are not conducive to production

  • In July, gas power plants accounted for only 4.6 percent. electricity production in Poland. A year earlier, this share reached almost 8%.
  • Power engineers explain the stops with the low water level in rivers or with “operating conditions”
  • As in the case of coal, there are growing concerns about whether there is enough gas for power plants and heating plants in winter
  • The importance of gas energy in Poland will grow, because the blocks for this fuel are to replace old coal installations. Some are already under construction
  • More important information can be found on the Onet homepage

More than 40 percent energy production from domestic gas units fell year on year in July. This is by far the strongest rock burst of all power sources. Hard coal power plants, which are the basis of the Polish energy system, decreased by 16% at that time. We described the situation of coal blocks in July. We then revealed that black fuel power plants are massively turning down their capacity to save coal for the winter. Although they have contracted deliveries by the end of the year, they are still concerned about whether the coal will actually reach them in the winter. When reporting power losses, they usually enter “unavailability due to operating conditions” in the justification.

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