Gas from Nord Stream 1. Germany is resuming orders

German buyers of Russian natural gas have resumed placing orders for supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, for the first time since a key pipeline was shut down for maintenance about three weeks ago – reports Reuters.

Recall that Russia has stopped the flow of gas through the gas pipelinewhich runs beneath the Baltic Sea to Germany on August 31 for three days of maintenance. So far, she has not resumed it.

Reuters emphasizes that The mere fact of placing orders for the supply of gas does not mean that the raw material actually flows in the system. Especially when information about orders is visible only on the websites of the German pipelines connecting Nord Stream 1 with end users. On the website of the operator Nord Stream 1, there has been no information about such applications so far.

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Closing of Nord Stream 1 last month exacerbated Europe’s worst gas supply crisis in history, with energy prices soaring. German importers are even discussing a possible gas rationing.

The authorities in Moscow admit that sanctions imposed by the West after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are hindering the routine operations and maintenance of Nord Stream 1. Brussels says it is just an excuse to use gas as an economic weapon.

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