Funeral of Elizabeth II. Unexpected stop of “The Beast” with Biden

The Presidential Beast stopped outside the Pret Cafe in central London. Joe Biden showed no signs of nervousness. He smiled and waved at Londoners and tourists.

The American president was the only leader to be allowed to come to Westminster Abbey in his own limousine. All other politicians traveled to the ceremony site on special buses.

The mourning ceremony began on Monday noon. It was attended by politicians from all over the world, representing their nations and states. President Andrzej Duda and his wife traveled from Poland to London. Vladimir Putin was not invited to the funeral.

At the end of the service, the “Last Post” military bugle-call was played. during all military funerals, then two minutes of silence began throughout the country. After them, the national anthem of Great Britain was sung, which again begins with the words “God Save The King” instead of “God Save The Queen”. and finally Major Paul Burns of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, who was the Queen’s piper, played the traditional mourning song “Sleep, Dearie, Sleep”.

After it sounded, the coffin with the queen’s body was re-placed on the commemorative tow truck and set off in a ceremonial procession along the streets of London to Wellington Arch.

Source: “The Sun”

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