Funeral of Elizabeth II. This is how Polish women living in the UK say goodbye to the Queen

60-year-old Marzena and 25-year-old Roksana have been living in Great Britain for a long time and, together with the crowd of mourners, were waiting for the opportunity to pay tribute to Elizabeth II. The women talk about how they think the death of the queen will affect the future of the monarchy and what king Charles III will be.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8. From then on, funeral ceremonies lasted for many days in Great Britain. Brits and tourists had the opportunity to pay tribute to the coffin displayed in the Westminster Chapel. Many stood in line for several hours.

Polish women living in Great Britain say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

In London, the Fakt reporter, Jan Kwietniewski, talked to people who were waiting in line for the coffin of Elizabeth II. Among them were 60-year-old Marzena and 25-year-old Roksana. They are Polish women who have been living in Great Britain for 25 years.

The women were in front of the cathedral and participated in paying tribute to the queen on the sixth day after her death. They stood in line for 16 hours.

– I was surprised because not everyone could even say a prayer. In the silence that fell, people listened to the mass from the cathedral, but I saw that half of the English people did not even pray – said Marzena to the Fakt reporter.

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