Funeral of Elizabeth II. Change of plans for Prince Harry

Celebrations related to the death and upcoming funeral of Queen Elizabeth II have been going on for several days. Until then, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew wore mourning costumes, even if the rest of the royal family were wearing uniforms. The situation is different for each of them.

Prince Harry is not eligible to wear a military uniform as he and his wife Meghan Markle withdrew from royal duties in 2020. There has, however, been a twist in this matter.

British media reports that Prince Harry will be allowed to wear the uniform during vigil at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin on Saturday 17 September. “Common sense won,” an anonymous informant close to the royal family told The Daily Mirror.

The fact that Prince Harry could not wear a uniform during Queen Elizabeth II’s mourning ceremonies aroused controversy. Many British people thought it was a scandal, because Harry had served in the British army for years and he also fought in Afghanistan.

“It was a ridiculous situation considering the Duke of Sussex served his country and is a highly respected member of the armed forces with all he has done for the veterans,” an informant told The Daily Mirror.

The case was all the more controversial as Prince Andrzej could not wear a military uniform either. In his case, the situation is different – in November 2019, Andrzej’s office issued a statement in which the Duke of York announced his withdrawal from public life and ceasing to perform his duties on behalf of the crown for an indefinite period. It was related to numerous scandals, incl. with accusation of sexual harassment. According to reports from the British media, however, an exception was made for him and he will be able to wear a uniform on Saturday.

– Harry has waived the distinctions and privileges of being a member of the royal family. Andrzej was deprived of this due to reprehensible behavior. He was a flesh and blood military man, he had been in the navy for many years. I don’t know how the subjects will take it. Maybe some will find it unfair, but apparently the protocol allows it or his family does. After all, he’s still a member of the monarchy – Iwona Kienzler stated in an interview with the Plejadaauthor of the books “Scandals in contemporary royal families” and “Windsors: celebrities, borers, scandalists”.

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