“Fuck the power, you gotta get this president out.” Anger in the Russian army is growing [NAGRANIE]

The network is circulated by a conversation that was published on the official account of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. A Russian officer on the front line in Ukraine is probably calling his mother in Moscow. He discusses with her whether he should sign a new contract with the army. – What for, son? Maybe they will leave you alone – says the woman.

According to the woman, she was at the recruitment point where she asked when her son’s unit would return home. The man does not know when he will be able to come back and claims that it all depends on how the situation develops.

The woman also talks about how the mobilization looked like. As he reports, summons to the army were issued on the day of Putin’s speech, and recruitment points were set up at Moscow’s railway stations. The man reacts nervously to this information and swears. – This president has to be removed. This war is not needed by anyone. This Ukraine neither warms me nor cools me – says a Russian officer, quoted by the portal

Attention! In the video below you can hear profanity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization to war with Ukraine on September 21 and threatened to “use all means” to defend the country from an alleged threat from the West. According to official reports from the Kremlin, around 300,000 people are to be put under arms. reservists, but according to the independent portal Meduza, mobilization may involve up to 1.2 million men, mainly from outside large cities.

Following the decision of the head of state, tens of thousands of Russians are trying to avoid being drafted into the army and leave the country. People fleeing service in the army try to get through, among others to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Georgia and Finland.

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Source:, PAP

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