Frenkie de Jong against the wall. FC Barcelona with a bizarre proposition

FC Barcelona is doing its best to push Frenkie de Jong out of the club or force him to cut his salary. The player could lose up to EUR 22 million – informs “Sport”.

The subject of the midfielder is getting hotter and hotter. From the very beginning of the transfer window, “Blaugran” tried to persuade him to leave for Manchester United, but the player flatly refused. He did not hide the fact that he dreamed of playing at Camp Nou since he was a child, and he and his family feel great in Catalonia. However, the club’s lawyers have now prepared a completely new strategy.

The accountants found alleged irregularities in the contract to extend the player’s contract. During the pandemic, Frenkie de Jong agreed to make financial concessions to be covered at a later date. Now “Sport” informs that the club is threatening him with a court hearing, unless an amicable agreement is reached. And this has significant consequences for the player.

In practice, FC Barcelona offered Ajax Amsterdam a salary cut by almost half. By agreeing to such an offer, the midfielder would have to forgo up to EUR 22 million, which would be broken down into a fixed salary and potential bonuses.

The footballer does not agree to such conditions. He believes that he has been the victim of a campaign aimed at discrediting his image among fans. His lawyers have already taken action by reporting the violation to FIFPro and LaLiga officials.

Much should be revealed in the next few hours, when the representatives of the footballer and the club will meet. Barça’s goal for the moment is simple – either persuade the player to cut earnings or force him to leave.

Negotiations with both Manchester United and Chelsea are under way at the same time. Both clubs are ready to meet the Dutchman’s expectations, but the Dutchman has clearly suggested so far that he is not interested in living and playing in Great Britain.

According to “Sport”, the case may have a second bottom. President Joan Laporta dreams of bringing back Bernardo Silva and if he does not mind Frenkie de Jong staying, he calculates whether it will be profitable. If the midfielder agreed to the new terms of the contract, then there would be more space in the budget to attract the Portuguese. However, it would be more profitable to sell the player, because the sum of the compensation alone would be around EUR 80 million.

At the moment, the environment of the 25-year-old is firmly against the idea of ​​a salary cut, saying that it is simply unfair when the club spends large sums on new acquisitions, with no guarantee of being able to register them for the competition.

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