Franciszek is not going to Ukraine. “The Pope does not fully understand this war”

Despite appeals and invitations, Pope Francis did not decide to make a pilgrimage to Kiev. He is currently in a wheelchair, but has recently visited Kazakhstan. According to Fr. Jacek Prusak, the pope’s sick knees are not the main argument against coming to Ukraine. – Pope Francis can go elsewhere in a wheelchair, so the argument with the knee is not enough. I think the Pope does not fully feel this war and is not sure what his role is and what he would have to do if he went to Ukraine. He sends there the Polish Cardinal Krajewski and his diplomats, but he is not going there himself and it probably will not happen in the near future – said Fr. Prusak in the “Newsroom WP” program. Agnieszka Kopacz-Domańska asked the Jesuit why Pope Francis was unable to address this issue, seeing Russian crimes. – I don’t know the answer to this question myself. The Pope is aware of the criticism he is facing because of his attitude towards Ukraine and Russia. From conversations with the Jesuits who themselves ask him these questions, it does not appear that the Pope did not know what was happening. Either he has a different understanding of the meaning of this war, or he believes that he does not want to make it a Catholic war and another crusade. Let us remember that this is the narrative of the patriarch (Cyril – ed.). It’s my hypothesis that it might be against him. If, as the head of the Catholic Church, he would stand in an area where Catholics are a minority, but support a nation that is fighting the aggressor, he would do so as a religious head and it would sanction a religious war. Another thing he has trouble with is the concept of just war. He withdrew from it and comes back to it, but I don’t think he’s convinced. We all have expectations that it could be more expressive – added the Jesuit. – Pope Francis’ weakness and strength is that he is a storyteller. He does not use the press office, he does not issue official announcements and sometimes it is his strength, sometimes his weakness. Here we are talking about war, and if the papal statements were more organized and passed through Vatican diplomacy, we would be more clear about his attitude – emphasized Fr. Prusak.


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