France. Sexy policewoman makes a sensation on the web. Her photo is a hit

Lionel Guedj, known as the richest dentist in France, stayed last week sentenced to 8 years in prison by the Marseille Criminal Court.

The man was to operate on his patients in record time. His modus operandi was simple – he pulled out healthy teeth from his patients to replace them with implants. Barbaric treatments often resulted in infections and caused irreversible damage.

Lionel Guedja was assisted by his 70-year-old father, who was also sentenced by the Marseille Criminal Court to 5 years in prison.

However, the outrageous scandal was overshadowed by something completely different. Internet users were crazy about the policewoman who arrested the dentist. Social media circulated photos of the woman, which were swarmed with comments about her lush curves.

“Have any of you also felt an urgent need to break the law?” – wrote one of the internet users.

“Give me the name of the district, I have to be arrested there,” reads another comment.

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