FPV drones known as “kamikazes”. This is what an attack on a tank looks like

Commercial drones, including those of the FPV type, i.e. with the first person perspective, have already been used in Ukraine. This time, however, we have the opportunity to see an attack of such an unmanned aerial vehicle on a Russian tank. We explain how effective they are.

In the video we can see the attack of a small drone carrying most likely grenade. It was piloted by the operator of a special unit. The attack did not cause any visible damage, but it could have a psychological effect and damage relatively delicate optoelectronics. However, if a drone was used to carry e.g. bomblet with a cumulative warhead, this tank would be in great danger.

Russian soldiers have been in panic many times they dumped their equipmentso the drone operator could count on the escape of the crew. Unfortunately, the recording stops right after the attack. It shows that the drone was flying at the tip of the battery, so due to the inability to return or soft targets such as infantry, the operator attacked what was closest.

FPV racing drones or upgrade package for regular drones

For example, such a DJI FPV Combo with a weight of 795 g is able to lift slightly more than half of its weight, which is enough for a regular grenade. It is able to stay in the air for over 10 minutes, but when overloaded, it is unlikely to be able to spend the 20 minutes of flight declared by the manufacturer.

Possibly, there are modifications that add this functionality to larger drones. To these, you only need to add an additional on-board transmitter that sends an image in real time to the AR goggles. It is worth noting, however, that such modifications are more difficult to pilot, because the factory FPV drones have a built-in flight correction designed for novice pilots. In this case, a modified controller may indicate “self-made”.

Przemysław Juraszek, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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