Fourteenth retirement: payouts start this week. Check if you get paid in August on which day. What about the fourteen in 2023 [22.08.2022]

It’s only a month and finally ZUS will start paying the fourteenth pensions, which with this high price for many people are a financial rescue, albeit for a short time. Everything is already known about the payment of the fourteenth pensions. The payment of fourteen will start on August 25 and by the end of September the vast majority of retirees and disability pensioners will receive the payment of this additional benefit. Exceptionally, certain groups of beneficiaries will have to wait for additional ZUS money until October 2022. For this good news: the family minister announced that the government is working on introducing the fourteenth pension permanently – it is to be paid every year at the turn of summer and autumn. Here are all the details.

Speculation as to the date when the payment of fourteen for pensioners will start this year has ended – everything is known, because the action starts in less than four weeks, on August 25 to be exact. Here are the details.


– From August 25 this year, the Social Insurance Institution will pay the 14th pension. We will pay the benefit ex officio, so you do not need to submit any application – explains prof. Gertruda Uścińska, president of the Social Insurance Institution.

– The fourteenth pension, i.e. another additional annual cash benefit in 2022, will go to 9 million retirees, pensioners and other people receiving long-term benefits, including 8.1 million ZUS beneficiaries – he adds.

ZUS will check whether a given person is entitled to a retirement pension or disability pension from ZUS on August 24, i.e. the day before the first payments. Fourteen will amount to PLN 1,217.98 and will be exempt from income tax.

The indexation of pensions in 2023 will certainly be much higher than this year (7% in 2022) and certainly - double-digit, because this was repeatedly announced by Minister Maląg and the deputy minister responsible for pensions - Stanisław Szwed.  However, it is difficult to predict now whether it will be closer to 11 or 16 percent.  Rather, it is more likely that the indexation of pensions in 2023 will fall somewhere in the middle between 11 and 16 percent.

Now there will be a record indexation of pensions: if the w …

At ZUS, the dates for the payment of this benefit are:

  • August 25
  • September 1st,
  • September 5,
  • September 6
  • September 10
  • 15th of September,
  • September 20.
  • in September, in addition, in the uniformed system and in the case of people receiving allowances and pre-retirement benefits from ZUS
  • and in October – people receiving agricultural benefits less frequently than once a month.

Fourteen will be free from any deductions, e.g. from bailiffs. It will not be included in your income when applying for social assistance, alimony or benefits for people incapable of living independently.

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