Former US General in Europe: Sending Russian Reservists to Ukraine is a Recipe for Slaughter

“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to mobilize 300,000 ‘reservists’, some of whom previously served in the military, others not, to hold positions in Ukraine made thousands of young Russians flee the country “ – recalled Hertling in the text entitled “Putin’s recruits go to slaughter.”

“The general compiled American training With Russian army trainingwhich he witnessed during his service in Europe. Most Americans who want to join the military first undergo 10-week basic training. Then each soldier chooses a specialization that he learns over the next months. Many of them then choose a professional service “ Hertling described.

As the general pointed out, army Russian consists mainly from conscripts. Few soldiers choose a career in the military.

“It’s easy to understand”

“It is easy to understand why this is so. Russian sergeants were unprofessional and constantly harassed recruits. (…) The soldiers were assigned several rounds of shooting exercises. First aid training was rudimentary, there was no map reading and ground navigation, the soldiers lacked the initiative, and the discipline was sloppy ” – the general assessed after observing the Russian training from years ago.

As he stressed, he had not witnessed any classes concerning military values ​​and ethics.

“By watching the Russian army in the first seven months of her campaign in Ukraine, I cannot say that I am surprised by any of their failures. The Russians act as their training suggests: poorly. The numbers of victims reflect this “ – commented the American general.

In his opinion, 300 thousand reservistsPutin is sending to war may have a hard time dealing with “Ukrainian troops trained by NATO”. As he wrote, it is likely that new recruits will join the units that are already there deeply traumatized after seven months of fighting.

“The results will be predictable. Putin may still send reluctant Russians on a ill-conceived and illegal invasion for which they are not trained or prepared. But this is not a war effort. It is just another murder – this time of its own citizens.” General Hertling summed up.

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