Former German President: At the moment I see no possibility of overthrowing Putin

Former German President: At the moment I see no possibility of overthrowing Putin

Former German President: At the moment I see no possibility of overthrowing Putin

Gauck judged that naming Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 “private enterprise” it was risky.

He recalled that as a child he cared holidays Christmas during the war. That’s why he wants it now “help with your donations at the end of the year mainly Ukraine”whom he wishes to accompany “feelings and thoughts”. – We cannot allow a cold-blooded war criminal to ruin our lives – stressed Gauck, referring to the Russian dictator.

In his opinion, the worst phase of the war in Ukraine it’s not over yet. – We see all too clearly Putin’s intention to terrorize the entire population, to let people freeze to death, depriving them of their rights – even the right to life. Unfortunately, given the Imperial mania this man is clearly obsessed with, bad things are to be expected. Strong support for Ukraine is therefore still needed – the former president added.

As he emphasized, Ukraine has law for self-defense as country attacked by Russiaand the West should support her with weapons. – Supporting the attacked country in its defense strategy is extremely important. I would be appalled if we stopped showing solidarity with the targeted victim – he explained.

Germany’s “policy of restraint”

He emphasized that in the conduct of Germany after 2014 “he doesn’t like it policy restraint in the face of crises. – Due to our size in Europe, our economic strength, as well as the stability of our democracy, we need to be reliable partners and defenders of our values,” he noted. “I am a person who loves peace. But unfortunately, we have had a foreign policy deficit for too long – added. He emphasized that it should have been decided much earlier “turning point”which chancellor Olaf Scholz announced earlier this year.

Many complain that the chancellor’s words are not being followed up by enough support for the Ukrainian armed forces. But I also understand those who call for caution – added. – We will continue to talk about how we can support Ukraine militarily. The success of the Ukrainian armed forces is also in our interest – he assured.

As he estimated, a ceasefire would mean “killing over”. On the other hand, you have to remember that “The current ceasefire would give the powerful Russian aggressor the opportunity to reorganize and replenish its troop reserves. Therefore, Ukraine can negotiate a ceasefire only with a clear prospect of peace, with the certainty that the truce will not take place at its expense.” Gauck said.

“I see no possibility of overthrowing Putin”

At the moment, I see no possibility of overthrowing Putin. Members opposition they leave Russia en masse or are imprisoned. (…) It is more likely that the resistance will come from the tragedy of mothers who lost their sons in the war – he said.

He added that he understood the criticism former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy towards Russiaand “I also partly criticize this policy”.

After 2014, i.e. after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, it was still dared to treat Nord Stream 2 as a private business venture. We should have listened better to the voices of our eastern neighbours, Poles, the Baltic states and our Atlantic partners – the former president said.

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