Forbidden Fruit – This is going to happen on the show at the end of September. Yildiz discovers Halita and Ender’s romance! [23.09.2022]

“Forbidden Fruit” is a Turkish soap opera that replaced the beloved series “Miłość i destiny” at the end of June. The new production from the Bosphorus also conquers the hearts of Poles. “Forbidden Fruit” can be watched from Monday to Friday on Telewizja Polska. See what will happen at the end of September in the Turkish series.

The plot of the series “Forbidden Fruit” focuses on two sisters – Yilidz and Zeynep. The girls live together in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul and are different like fire and water.

Yildiz is the sister who dreams of a rich life and believes that one day she will meet the Prince Charming and marry richly. Zeynep has completely different plans and dreams – he enjoys simple, little things.

See what will happen in the TV series “Forbidden Fruit” at the end of September

“Forbidden Fruit” is a series produced in 2018. Turkish production has a total of 5 seasons, during which we will see as many as 146 episodes. You can watch the new soap opera from the Bosphorus from Monday to Friday on TVP 2 at 5:15 pm.

The premiere episode of the series “Forbidden Fruit” was broadcast on June 28, 2022 on TVP 2. The series can be watched from Monday to Friday at 17:15. The series has a total of five seasons, which consists of 146 episodes.


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