Food prices in Nigeria are up sharply. Residents change their diet and reduce portions

  • The war in Ukraine, inflation and problems with the supply chain are driving food prices in Nigeria
  • For this reason, some households skip meals or limit their favorite foods, such as jollof rice
  • The Jollof Index monitors the cost of preparing this dish, which is a way to look at food prices in Nigeria
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

On a normal day, Adeniya Shoremi eats three decent meals. Shoremy’s breakfast, who lives in Lagos, Nigeria, includes bread, eggs and a chocolate milkshake. For lunch, he likes to eat fufu (dough balls made from cassava) with vegetable soup. And for dinner, jollof rice, a dish popular throughout West Africa, made with rice, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables, as well as chicken, beef or fish.

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