Floyd Mayweather Jr. reveals how much he will earn for the show fight at the RIZIN gala in Japan

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the legendary boxer, after the end of his adventure with professional fights, he continues his adventure in the ring, but in show fights. As it turns out, these are extremely lucrative duels for the American.

The retired boxer will return to Japan to perform in the show fight again at the RIZIN FF gala. The 45-year-old “Money” will face the Mikuru Asakura. Since his retirement at the professional level of the boxing ring competition with Conor McGregor in 2017, Mayweather has appeared in show fights many times. During his first match for RIZIN, FF defeated the organization’s star Tenshin Nasukawa in great style. Mayweather in an interview with MailSport confessed how much he will earn for the duel with Asakura. The fighter believes that his payoff for 9 minutes of fight will be around $ 15-20 million.

It’s cool. 9 minutes, 20 million. Not bad.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the potential second Mayweather encounter with Conor McGregor. The American made a lot more money for the duel with the Irishman, but The Notorious stated that he was not interested in a rematch with the boxer. “Money” will face Asakura at the Super RIZIN Gala this weekend at the Saitama Super Arena. For the undefeated professional boxer, it will be the fourth show fight in his career, but only one, at the RIZIN gala with Tenshin Nasakuwa, had an official result.

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