Flight from Chicago to Warsaw. People stuck at the airport

Flight from Chicago to Warsaw.  People stuck at the airport

Flight from Chicago to Warsaw. People stuck at the airport

Passengers on a plane to Warsaw got stuck at the Chicago airport. The flight operated by LOT Polish Airlines, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday, has been cancelled. People wait another day for departure. We received information about the passengers’ problems on Contact 24. A spokesman for PLL LOT reported that “the majority of passengers, over 200 people, were offered an alternative flight”. – We will contact the rest of the passengers within 2-3 hours to help them get to their destination as well – assured Krzysztof Moczulski.

On Contact 24 we have received information that due to a defect in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the flight from Chicago to Warsaw has been cancelled. It is about the flight with the number LO4, which was scheduled to depart from USA on Thursday at 21.45, he was supposed to land at the capital’s airport at 1.40 on Friday.

Problems with the flight from Chicago to Warsaw

Mr. Bartek, an Internet user who wrote to us on this matter, pointed out that “Boeing 787 Dreamliner broke down and LOT did not provide an alternative and cannot specify when the plane will be repaired”. “The flight was cancelled. Only a few managed to change flights to other flights. We were checked in today at 10 pm from the airport with a receipt” – added the man.

According to Mr. Bartek’s account, passengers were directed to LOT stands where they were to receive hotel vouchers. “Unfortunately, the staff didn’t know anything about it and sent us back with nothing,” the man wrote. Passengers on the canceled flight were only to receive $12 food vouchers, “which could not be redeemed because everything at the airport was closed.”

From the booking system on the website LOT Polish Airlines shows that only single tickets are available for a flight from Chicago to Warsaw in the coming days. Meanwhile, according to the information provided by Mr. Bartek, “about 300 people” were supposed to travel on the canceled plane.

“They treated us all very badly”

This is not the only message we have received on this matter. “The Chicago-Warsaw flight was scheduled to depart on December 8 at 9:45 p.m. Chicago time. Every 20 minutes, the departure time was changed. They kept us until 2 a.m., only to say that the flight was moved to 4 p.m. no one wanted to provide information, again they kept us until 23, only to say that the plane would not take off. They tried to rebook flights to another date, but it does not change the fact that we were practically there for 24 hours, “wrote the internaut.

As she noted, “another plane flew to Warsaw”. “There were a lot of small children with their mothers as well as elderly people. The plane was full, as far as I know, all tickets were bought, which is about 252 people. At the moment I don’t know if anyone else is at the airport because everyone started taking suitcases and go back where he must. The hotel was not provided, nor the taxi. As a meal, they gave away a $ 12 voucher, for which you can buy practically nothing at the airport. They treated us all very badly, “the internaut reported.

Passengers have been waiting for almost two days for departure.

LOTS explains

PLL LOT spokesman Krzysztof Moczulski said that the plane did not depart from the Chicago airport due to a failure of one of the braking systems. – Due to the lack of a spare part, the LO4 flight from Chicago to Warsaw was cancelled. Yesterday, the majority of passengers, more than 200, were offered an alternative flight. We will contact the rest of the passengers within 2-3 hours to help them get to their destination as well. These are cases where passengers cannot continue their journey through transit ports, for example due to the lack of a visa, the spokesman said. Asked why passengers had been waiting at the airport for so many hours, he said that attempts had been made until yesterday to improve the machine so that it could take off. – We hoped to organize spare parts because one of the brake systems failed. Unfortunately, it failed. Passengers, of course, received appropriate benefits – assured the spokesman of PLL LOT.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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