Finland will close its borders to the Russians

– We decided to start preparing solutions to limit or prevent tourist traffic. These solutions may involve a new law that will be processed very quickly or an interpretation of existing regulations, said Pekka Haavisto.

According to him, work has already started. “Experts in various fields under the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently investigating the matter, and the parliament will deal with it quickly,” explained Haavisto. – Finland does not want to be a transit country (…) we want to control this traffic – he added.

Haavisto was asked if Russian tourists posed a security risk. – There was a discussion on this topic in the European Union. Finland took the position that the common person traveling for tourism did not pose a security risk, but it was related to morality and ethics. In the current situation, we do not want to receive Russian tourists, said the minister.

– Russia’s travels around Europe should end, but how to do this is already a complicated matter – said Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin. In parliament, the head of government answered the opposition’s questions about the actions she was going to take in connection with the situation on the eastern border and the increased Russian movement.

According to the Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Poysti, the constitutional body overseeing the activities of top state officials, security assessment is a key issue in restricting the entry of third-country nationals into the EU.

If the security authorities find that in connection with the announced mobilization in Russia, and in connection with the language of threats by Russian leaders against Western countries, the Russians currently pose a threat to Finland and international relations, then the number of visas issued to Russians can be reduced to zero, and cancel the already issued visas – said the chancellor when asked by the daily “Iltalehti”.

Meanwhile, more and more Russians are trying to get through to Finland. Increased traffic at border crossings began at night from Wednesday to Thursday; queues of more than one hundred meters were formed, the Finnish border guard announced on Thursday. On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in the country.

Source: Iltalehti, PAP

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