Finland is considering building a fence on the border with Russia

According to the Finnish border guard, Pasi Kostamovaary, a physical barrier should be erected on the eastern border with the Russian Federation. In his opinion, the fence would prevent illegal migration of Russians to Finland, which increased significantly after Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization.

“Such an investment costs hundreds of millions of euros,” said General Pasi Kostamovaara in an interview published in the Tuesday edition of the daily “Keskisuomalainen”. The project would involve not only the erection of physical barriers, but also the installation of technical monitoring and the issue of the organization of access roads. According to the latest report of the border guard, about 10-20 percent of the 1.3 thousand-kilometer border with Russia (i.e. about 130-260 km). The period of operation of the fence is estimated at approximately 50 years.

The fence – the general explained – would be needed first of all on the most trafficked sections of the border, i.e. in the south-eastern region Finlandbringing together traffic from around St. Petersburg, as well as near fire stations in other border regions.

Finnish-Russian border RONI REKOMAA / EPA / PAP

First, as part of a pilot program, a barrier would be erected on a smaller section. The guard is ready to join the project in winter or next spring. The investment could be completed within 2-3 years from the commencement of construction, estimates Kostamovaara.

The government is to start discussing the physical security of the eastern border in the near future, confirmed the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Krista Mikkonen.

A controversial plan

The plans to build a fence on the eastern border of Finland have aroused much controversy in recent years, and the authorities have rejected such an investment due to, inter alia, the project’s unprofitability, difficult soil, water and climatic conditions on the long border, as well as neighborly relations with Russia.

Russian aggression on Ukraine however, it led to a change in the political will of the authorities in this matter. In the summer, the Finnish parliament passed an amendment to the border guard regulations, allowing the construction of fences and barriers.

Russians are leaving the country. They want to avoid partial mobilization for warIRAKLI GEDENIDZE / Reuters / Forum

Currently also due to increased border traffic from Russia, which clearly increased after the announcement by Vladimir Putin in the middle of last week of partial mobilization, the risk of attempting to cross the border illegally increases – point guard officers. The first people to enter Finland illegally from Russia have already been detained by a patrol in the north-eastern part of the country in the Kainuu region, bordering Lapland. They claim that they are seeking asylum in Finland.

Finland wants to limit the inflow of Russians

In the last week, the border guard for south-eastern Finland reported, the number of people entering the country increased by more than 50 percent. In total, nearly 46 thousand people came from Russia during this period, of which about 38.5 thousand were from Russia. it’s Russians.

Of those arriving, only about 20 people applied for asylum and less than 200 for temporary protection. At the same time, around 22,000 Russian citizens left the region through the crossings, which is a stable indicator.

The Finnish authorities have announced that in the coming days they will significantly limit Russians’ right to enter Finland. It is not allowed to, inter alia, entry with tourist visas, issued not only by Finland, but also other EU countries. Only important reasons, such as family or professional or scientific reasons, are to be admitted.

Main photo source: RONI REKOMAA / EPA / PAP

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